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Nikka Black Special
  • Brand: Nikka
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Nicknamed as “Bearded Black” Black Nikka Special has been in the market since 1965. A Japanese classic blend made from coffey grains. For a blended whisky, it was fairly drinkable, a househould dram suitable for people on the go.

Nikka Black Special is a takeaway whisky, best enjoyed at a party or in rock concert. Or while in a hurry, like when you’re battling with Yakuza mobsters in Hong Kong. A true Rush Hour whisky, funny and vibrant.

It is not the greatest dram, you’ll ever taste but it is decent enough for everyday use. I can imagine taking a bottle of Black Nikka while hurrying to a bus, going to some rock festival or to house party.

Surely I can drink this at home relaxing, but there’s so many other drams for that purpose as well.


Nose: Sweet with nuts and little bit of refreshing vanilla.


Taste: The sweetness goes away and is replaced with spices and salt with some bitter notes of dark chocolate.


Finish: Creamy with some malt, medium long.


Balance: Very lively dram that offers a decent mix of sweet and spicy notes. No eureka moments but a steady and fairly nice blended whisk