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Woodstock Vintage Fortified Grenache
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Nurture: After crushing at 17.8 Baumé and partial fermentation, pure grape spirit was added to “fortify” the alcohol concentration to 18.3%. The fortified wine was then stored in very old oak barrels before bottling. 

Grape Variety: Grenache

Tasting Notes: Rich ripe black cherries, fruit pastilles with underlying spices of nutmeg, cinnamon and hints of mocha. These fruit and savoury characters follow on the palate with additional complexity and concentration of flavour. The astringency of fruit tannin and acid balances the sweetness leaving a warming long aftertaste and an empty glass looking for a refill. 

Serving Suggestion: A great companion to the end of any meal, shared with chatty friends, cheese, dark chocolate and a crackling fire!

Alcohol: 18.5% * 375ml