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Wirrega ‘Sfera’ Shiraz
  • Brand: Wirrega
  • Product Code: AU100045
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Limited Availability: Only 3,396 bottles were produced

Nurture: The wine was then racked off of lees into a variety of hogsheads for 14 months - 12% New American (Medium Toast, Extra Fine Grain), 88% mix of 2nd and 3rd use French and American.

Grape Variety: Shiraz

Tasting Notes: There is great intensity of fruit in ‘Sfera’ that showcases the excellent viticultural practices that we strive for. The intense fruit is matched by concentration of colour with excellent palate and flavour complexity, largely attributable to the quality of winemaking.  ‘Sfera’ Shiraz is a fantastic expression of the uniqueness of Wirrega Vineyards.

Alcohol: 14.9%