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Maipo Valley Unusual Cabernet Shiraz Zinfandel
  • Brand: Terra Mater
  • Product Code: CL100017
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Description: Full bodied elegant wine, fruit driven style, care-fully barrel aged.

Blend Composition: 50% Cabernet Sauvignon – 35% Shiraz - 15% Zinfandel

Blend Origin: Isla de Maipo.

AGEING PROCESS: 16 months of aging in French oak barrels. First and second use.

TASTING NOTES: Deep and attractive red ruby colour. Elegant and complexe nose. Plenty of black and red ripe berries well assembled with spicy notes, some touches of tobacco, coffee and balsamic aromas. Roundness palate with a good volume. Ripe and soft tannins gave an attractive and tasty mouth. Well balanced acidity guarantees a great evolution in a bottle.