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Domaine De La Baume Terres Viognier Chardonnay

Grape Variety: Viognier and Chardonnay

Ageing: Maturing in oak barrels during one year.

Colour: Brilliant and straw-coloured, the wine gives off powerful aromas that come as a complete surprise.

Nose: Alternately, mandarin zest, fresh apricot and candied orange. 

Palate: This aromatic sensation continues on to the palate, supported by a full palate, typical of Viognier, developing into a fresh and spicy finish. 

Recommendations: Excellent as an aperitif, and a delightful accompaniment to honey-roasted chicken as well as Asian dishes (sushi, thai curry), white meats and soft cheese. 

Serving condition in °c: 10°c

Alcohol content: 14.5%

Cellar potential: 2 years