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Barramundi Chardonnay
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Tasting Notes:
This is the colour of Queensland holidays – light straw with a vibrant green hue. Like where the lawn meets the sand on the beaches around Noosa. As you raise your glass, you can smell the fruit platters, piled high with rockmelons, nectarines and citrus blossom, resting on platforms of toasty oak and rain-kissed metal. Then, when it hits your mouth, it’s as if you’re in the local farmers market, feasting on creamy lemon curd, nectarines and pineapple after your slightly-charred-yet-perfect BBQ lunch.

Food Combo:
Keep it simple and relaxed with seafood or get cracking with roasted pork shoulder and apples, or whole baked snapper with butter and lemon thyme, or panna cotta with vanilla poached peaches.